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Bordeaux and its vineyards...

We will provide you with the necessary tools to understand several aspects the Bordeaux wine appellations including, growing and tending vines, blending, and what the various types of Bordeaux wines.
Clear explanations will allow you to grasp these otherwise intimidating notions.
In a relaxed environment, you will be able to discover wines without any fear of being judged “because you don’t know anything about wine!” We will do everything to help you!

And here is the Wine List:

  • Saint Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac: These wines come from the Right Bank on a clay-limestone terroir. They offer a strong but round wine. These tastings should be paired with a tour of Saint Emilion, a UNESCO heritage site which will definitely leave an impression on you!
  • Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux, Bourg: Here, in what is referred to as little “Switzerland in Gironde,” are hillside wines which you will taste while taking in the beauty of the Gironde estuary.
  • Entre-Deux-Mers: Situated between the very dense forests, hectares of vines blanket the region. These vines are often dedicated to very fresh and delicate white wines.
  • Médoc: Here you will find some of the most famous Bordeaux wineries, with some famous names which are no doubt familiar to you. Their elegant architectural style is visible along the D2 local road, otherwise known as the “Chateaux Road.” The wine here is simultaneously robust yet subtle. These names speak for themselves: Saint Estèphe, Pauillac, Margaux as well as several others.
  • Graves: To the south of Bordeaux, and much like their cousins in the Médoc, these wines come from a soil type which gave the region its name: Gravel (the gravel is made up of small quartz pebbles brought by the Garonne river, which serves the purpose of draining the excess water and warming up the vines).
  • Sauternes: This is Bordeaux’s gold. A sweet wine made of exotic fruity aromas. These wines will transport you from Chateau Yquem to other less well-known, but equally impressive, producers.


Cheers! All in moderation, of course!...

Price (excluding entrances and wine tasting fees):

From 12 euros per person (minimum 12 people)

From 210 euros for a group

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